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        PPMT Products

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Flynn Research offers a variety of standard and custom PPMT products to meet your industrial, aerospace, automotive, marine, and energy production needs.  Flynn Research has built more than 50 prototypes and production models for various PPMT applications.  Prototypes have been constructed with power ratings as low as 5 watts and as high as 10,000 watts.  There is no inherent power or size limit to PPMT devices, they can be scaled to whatever power or size your application requires.     


Flynn Research offers both standard motor designs and custom motor development.  PPMT motors are more efficient, smaller, lighter, and run cooler than conventional motor technology would allow.  PPMT lends itself to both conventional shaft motors and wheel hub motors.  Unlike most wheel hub motors, PPMT wheel hub motors simply use steel laminates as the moving wheel hub and no commutation or other high cost components are required in the rotating hub.  Our V1-C Freedom Motor is not yet ready for public release, at present the data will be released on the V1-C Freedom Motor by the 4th quarter 2006. NOTE: Coming soon a PDF File with operating Curves and Specifications for the V1-A motor.

Contact us with your custom motor design requirements.



Flynn Research offers both standard generator designs and custom generator development.  PPMT generators are more efficient, smaller, lighter, and run cooler than conventional generator technology would allow.  Our PPMT-T2 high power density generator designs are currently proprietary and restricted, and not for public release at this time.  Contact us for additional information on our PPMT-T2 4 pole, 400 HZ, 208/120, 74 KVA generator.  NOTE: Coming soon a PDF File with operating Curves and Specifications.

Contact us with your custom generator design specifications.



Flynn Research offers both standard controllers and custom motor/generator/actuator controller development.  A 56,000 watt motor controller is pictured above.

Contact us for additional controller information or give us your custom controller specifications.


Rotary Actuators    

Flynn Research offers custom rotary actuator development.  PPMT rotary actuators are essentially our rotary motors optimized for stepper motor control.  Our motor design lends itself to stepper motor applications where high force density is required.  A PPMT stepper motor will typically have four times the torque of a comparably sized Variable Reluctance stepper motor.  Further, PPMT stepper motors will hold position with power off. 

Linear Actuators

Flynn Research offers custom linear actuator development.  PPMT linier actuators are a linear version of the rotary actuators.  All active elements of PPMT linear actuators are contained in the stator.  The linear slide simply consists of an active steel section mounted to a rigid or linked backing.  PPMT linear actuators can have unlimited travel lengths and can be made to loop indefinitely.

Contact us with your custom linear or rotary actuator requirements.


Latches and Magnetic Clamps

Flynn Research offers both standard and custom latch/clamp designs and development.  PPMT magnetic latches and clamps offer four times the force of an equivalent solenoid device for the same power and will hold with no power required.

Contact us with your controllable magnetic clamp or latch specifications.